This page is currently being updated

Headstart is currently organised and run by the following fab people. Many of you will know them well, and some of you will soon encounter them on your journey, and I promise you could not wish for better companions on your cance journey. 


Debbie Hannant
Macmillan Head and Neck Clinical Nurse Specialist, treasurer and acting Chairman of the Headstart Committee.
Level 3 Green Zone
Medway Maritime Hospital





Jayne Goddard
Jayne worked for many years in the Kent Oncology Centre
and is now working for a company called Genesis Care



Also in the team are quite a few new professionals who have recently joined the three trusts
involved with the care and treatment of patients.
I’m hoping to include pictures of them all at some point but for now you will just have to 
have their names and the various trusts they work for.

Personally, I think it’s wonderful to have the extra specialised staff to treat patients.


Medway Team                                                                  Maidstone Team                              QVH Team

Debbie Hannant    DH     Treasurer                     Ruth Casey            RC                         Bincey Joseph                BJ

Hannah Hatchett   HH                                           Jayne Goddard      JG                        Claire Lancaster (MST) CL

Debbie Owen         DO                                             Dan Miller              DM                      Addy Katandika (MST)  AK                                                                          

Eve Bateta     (EB  MST) 

Darent Valley (DV) Sam Briggs (SB)

I’m not quite sure yet which trust Hayley Tillett HT works for.