Could a persistent sore throat be the first sign of Throat Cancer?

GPs with patients who have a persistent sore throat, combined with shortness of breath, trouble swallowing or earache, should consider cancer as the cause, according to new research. Currently, it is recommended that patients with persistent hoarseness or an unexplained neck lump are investigated for throat or laryngeal cancer. However, Cancer Research UK’s Weilin Wu said patients should not be alarmed. “A sore throat on its own isn’t linked to laryngeal cancer,” he said. “But importantly, this study also provides the best evidence to date to support the current recommendation to refer older patients with persistent hoarseness.”
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What do we know about Human Papilloma Virus or (HPV) as it is better known?

Having human papilloma virus (HPV) is not rude or shameful and is extremely common, experts say. It comes as a survey of 2,000 women shows there are still stigmas around the infection, which can be passed on during sex and is linked to cancer. Charities are concerned this could put women off getting smear tests. Despite four out of every five getting HPV in their lifetime, many would worry about what their partner might think of them if they were diagnosed with it.

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