Friday 5th April in the Medical Education Centre, Queen Victoria Hospital

As it turned out, our first Headstart event of 2019 took place in what will be our new venue
in Queen Victoria Hospital, namely,  the Medical Education Centre.

We are very lucky indeed to have this facility. You can see from the picture that it comes with some techno
gadgets that we didn’t have in the Surgeon’s Mess, and so we can now have presentations which will be
be very helpful in the future. In the picture is Dave, a physiotherapist who came to encourage us to be
be more physically active, with all the benefits  it can bring to all patients, not just Cancer patients before, during
and after treatment. There is a very concise and interesting booklet about physical activity which you can download here.
Another benefit that comes with are new venue is a wonderful kitchen for Headtstart to prepare all the
wonderful free refreshments for everyone. 

As usual there was quite a lot of  fun with the quiz. For this event the quiz took on a different look as the questions were
cryptic, not everybody’s favourite, but I assure that once people got the idea of it they were off and it was liked so much
that I was asked to put it on the website for people to download.
The questions without answers are here
The questions with answers are here

Pauline Mortimer mentioned to us that the next few get-togethers would have a common theme with them. She
along with many other medical professionals are very interested in promoting the health and wellbeing of  patients
after their treatment has finished not just in our Headstart network but the throughout the UK. There has been quite
a shift in thinking and it is now thought that patients should be made aware of  the benefits of  physical,
dietary and mental care of oneself. There will be lots more information on this and other matters
appearing on the website from time to time.

Headstart’s next get-together is on 22nd June in the Kent Oncology Centre
Maidstone Hospital at 10am.

with luck the summer will be in full swing by then.
Headstart hopes to see you all there. 

You can view, download or print off all our dates for 2019 here