Saturday 7th February 2020 in Genesis Care  in Maidstone

So, this is where we were for this Headstart event, and that’s were that futuristic picture of the stairs and landing was taken. This
was a really snazzy building I can assure you. Not only that, the equipment inside was incredible. However, unlike our dear old NHS
this is really a 9 – 5 Monday to Friday centre and  closed at the weekend. Thank you Jayne for arranging this, and a big thank you to Genesis for
making this venue available to Headstart.

In fact it was a very cosy kind of atmosphere as we were really in a reception area, but we soon all settled in and enjoying our tea and coffee
along with some little cakes and other goodies.

We’re all very comfy here in the Genesis Care building, thank you Jayne.

John (above)  gave a succinct but very informative talk on his treatment there, one of the few lucky Head & Neck Cancer patients to
have his treatment there I would think. We also had a guest speaker who gave in my opinion anyway, the most amusing talk
on financial matters. Everyone was laughing and smiling as we listened to him, but it didn’t detract from the interesting and important matters
that he covered. It certainly left me thinking about a few things.

The cosy atmosphere of Genesis Care          

You can can view, print, download all the dates of Headstart events for 2020  here