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Headstart, a support group for Head and Neck Cancer patients in Kent and Sussex.


Headstart cancer charity

Let them eat cake!


The next Headstart get-together


is on Saturday 16th June 2018 in

The Kent Oncology centre, Maidstone Hospital at 10am.


All the dates for 2018's get-togethers are

available for download, viewing, or printing. Just click here.


This famous quote by Marie Antoinette was certainly the case

last Friday in Queen Victoria Hospital at Headstart's get-together.

It seemed as if we were invaded. Apart from a very good turn out

of our own supporters, many staff from the hospital turned up

to join with the friendly atmosphere. So by the end of it all, there

were only two little pieces of cake leftover.

Headstart was more than happy to share the refreshments

as many of the staff had in fact treated quite a few of our members.

Because this is the Surgeon's Mess the picture below might be

rather misleading.

People are just congregating here, because this is were

we place all the wonderful refreshments that Headstart

provides for all it's supporters and welcome visitors.

Jane Dawson, Speech & Languaue Therapist at Queen Vic

has not long returned for the second time from a trip to

Ghana, where she was invited to help recruit some

trainee speech therapists in the hospital she was invited to.

She took along a model tongue and larynx which Headstart

had purchased for her as part of her training methods.

Here she is below with some of her radiant students.

Jane gave at the event, a fascinating talk and slide-show

of her experience there. I'm sure she will go back to see what

progress has been made.



You may recall from the Medway event that Linda was in the

process of making a quilt, the idea being that Headstart would

raffle/auction it off to raise some funds for the kitty.

Well, she has done it, and she brought it along,

this by the way is an explanation of the quilting pattern she used

in making this beautiful hand-made quilt .......and here it is.

This picture does not do it justice, it's beautiful.

Now, Headstart would like topossibly raffle, or auction it by secret ballot or

by any other means.

If anyone has a brilliant suggestion on how we might raise some funds,

all ideas will be gratefully received.

So, until the next event, best wishes from Headstart, and keep well and healthy.


The next Headstart get-together


is on Saturday 16th June 2018 in

The Kent Oncology centre, Maidstone Hospital at 10am.


All the dates for 2018's get-togethers are

available for download, viewing, or printing. Just click here.



The raffle helps to pay for all the wonderful refreshments

so abundantly available. We are thinking of introducing

some participation from you all. As you know home baked

cakes and biscuits are just the best, if you like to bring something

along to the next meeting that would be wonderful. If there are

any left- overs they end up on the wards for patients

and sometimes for the nurses ... they deserve it



Our most recent pictures from 28/10.16 until 16.09.17 are

right here.

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Happy viewing!

All the pictures from many of our past meetings

are available to view and download look at via our photo album.

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and the password is ........ headstart

Any problems email us at headstartnews@gmail.com



If this is the first time you have visited the Headstart website, then

we'd like to extend a very warm Welcome to you. This is the most 

friendly support group you could wish for.

On the surface this might seem like a jolly nice gathering,

which it is of course with tea and coffee and cake,

but Headstart also plays a vital role in the care for Head & Neck

cancer patients in Kent & Sussex to ensure they receive

the best possible care available.

We are so lucky here to have in this region,

the most amazing professional team

you could ever wish to have. Check them out here.


Donations to Headstart have made it possible to buy important

medical equipment to ensure that patients receive the

best possible treatment they can have.

Please send your contributions to;

Debbie Hannant,

Richard Watts Unit, Medway Maritime Hospital, Windmill Road, Gillingham, KENT

ME7 5NY.

Please make cheques payable to HEADSTART.

          Unfortunately, Headstart does not qualify for Gift Aid donations.



HEADSTART is the success it is because of the wonderful

dedication from our caring professional nursing staff. They

give up so much of their own free time to ensure

that HEADSTART makes a difference to so many people.

Huge thanks, as always to;

Pauline Mortimer, Debbie Hannant and Jayne Goddard.

Need help or further information?
Please email headstartnews@gmail.com
Headstart support group


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