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March 2017

Welcome to Headstart's Head & Neck Cancer Support Group website.

These guys were the stars of the show in Medway on Saturday 18th February. Their

arrival was greeted with oohs! and aahs! from everybody as they

made their entrance.

More of this on our Events page.

Our next event will be on;

Friday 21/04/2017 at 10am in the Surgeon's Mess, in Queen Victoria

Hospital, East Grinstead.


Here are all the event dates for 2017

Friday 21st April  in the Surgeon’s Mess in

Queen Victoria Hospital at 10am


Saturday 17th June Maidstone in the Kent Oncology Centre,

Maidstone Hospital at 10am


Saturday  16th September in the Post Grad Centre  in

Medway Maritime Hospital at 10am


Friday 20th October  in the Surgeon’s Mess in

Queen Victoria Hospital  at 10am


Saturday 16th December  in the Kent Oncology Centre,

Maidstone Hospital at 10am

You can view, download or print them here

Find more news of our jolly get-togethers by visiting our events page.


If you are new to our website or have been newly diagnosed, in the middle or just finished

your treatment for Head & Neck Cancer, HEADSTART might be just the very kind of support

you might just be looking for. We meet every 2 months or so in Medway, Maidstone

and Queen Victoria hospitals to enjoy a cuppa, some lovely home made cake,

and have fun with quiz and a raffle.

Details of meetings are on nearly every page of the website, or you can email us directly at

headstartnews@gmail.com or download our database form to sign up news of events.

HEADSTART will never disclose your details to third parties.

Download the form here and all of us in Headstart look forward to seeing you there.


For you Facebook keenies, there is a new Headstart page for you to leave

your thoughts and pictures. Just click on Headstart Facebook Page

and give us a big thumbs up, .............. 

Here's something else we at Headstart feel you just might like to delve in to. There is a wonderful

magazine published by Macmillan every couple of months with stories and info

that might resonate with you. It's called Mac News Please take a look!!!


Headstart's Photo album past and present.

To view all the pictures from past and recent events, you need to access Headstart's

Photo Album website. Read the following quick instructions first before going to the website,

which is on www.myalbum.com

When the page opens, do the following;

1. Select Log in with MyAlbum

2. A new web page opens: enter our email address ....... headstartnews@gmail.com

3. Now enter our password ........... headstart

This will now allow you access to myalbum.com  There are further instructions which you can download here.

If you encounter any problems logging in please email me at headstartnews@gmail.com



Donations and how they help us!

Donations enable us to provide resources, vital medical equipment to meet the needs of patients and their families and carers for their future well-being. Please send your donations to;

Debbie Hannant, Richard Watts Unit, Medway Maritime Hostpital,

Windmill Road, Gillingham, KENT ME7 5NY.

Please make cheques payable to HEADSTART.

You can of course give your donation large or small in person to any of our Organising Committee Members at one of the event meetings, or when attending a clinic to Pauline Mortimer, Debbie Hannant, or Jayne Goddard.

 Unfortunately, HEADSTART does not qualify for Gift Aid donations.



Need help or further information? email headstartnews@gmail.com



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