It’s finally happening!!!

Believe it or not, Headstart is going to have an event on the
28th August 2021 at our usual time of  10am.

Gina & Roger Wheeler (below with neighbours) who have been wonderful supporters of Headstart for years, 

  Gina, Roger, Robin and Jan           Gina                    Roger                 Robin                      Jan                           

have offered Headstart their garden for this event.

Not only that, but they are going to put up a marquee, with tables and chairs
and refreshments for everyone. There is parking in their road and hopefully we can 
organise it so that those in a wheelchair will have access.

This is just so kind of them and shows you how much
they would like to see Headstart getting together  once again. It has been such a long time

All friends of Headstart are more than welcome to come along and join in, it will follow our usual 
format of a raffle and a quiz (not too hard).

Most important of all is the fact that we can all catch up with one another’s news since the last event on
Saturday 15th February 2020 in the Genesis Care Centre in West Malling.

Headstart is very much looking forward to seeing you there after such a long time.


Both Pauline Mortimer and Debbie Hannant are wanting to place a little more emphasis  on the well being
and aftercare of patients once their treatment is over. It’s 
quite easy to think that once everything 
has been done and that is the end of it. However it doesn’t quite happen like that. Cancer patients
have to maintain their well-being, by ensuring that they continue to look after themselves.
Quite recently we had a talk on oral care and fitness techniques to suit all types of people and their abilities.
The subject of  mindfulness to help our mental attitudes has been discussed, and these themes will continue
during the course of the year. It’s extremely important to be aware how important it is to look after 
one’s mind and body. These techniques and other related topics will be revisited for sure in the coming year.

Ann Payne from the Macmillan Centre in Queen Victoria Hospital has a number of very watchable videos on a
number of topics concerning well-being and aftercare . To view them go to our 
Headstart news page to  play the videos. We think you will like them.
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